China Fagan is a Photographer and Art Director {NOW} based out of Colorado Springs, CO. China hails from Kansas City, KS by way of Albuquerque, NM, with a short stint in the deep South. Growing up in the wild West she became a connoisseur of Mexican cuisine and all things salsa verde. A wrangler and rescuer of abandoned critters - Kelso, the Boxer, Margaret Thatcher, the chiweenie and {TWO} feisty felines, Carl and Momma Cats(Cass) - serve as muses for her work. She works as a designer full time while moonlighting as a freelance photographer covering a wide range of subjects from fried chicken to musicians.  Specializing in portrait and food photography, when she isn’t working China can be found crocheting (let her know if you want a scarf - so far that's as far as her skills go), or hiking with fiance and at least one of the animals in tow.